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  • Amy Alves


♥ The Forever Pla n ♥

A small-town, steamy, second chance romance between a grumpy bartender, and a sweet, sunshine vet student.

TROPES: - Grump/Sunshine - Small-Town

- Second Chance

- New Adult

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High school sweethearts don’t last. That’s what everyone told me after she left. Like always, I’m fine. My friends and the nosey residents of Landry might not think so, but being dubbed the broody bartender has its perks—it keeps people and distractions away.

But then she walks into my bar.

Having Willa back here is nothing but a tempting distraction. No matter how much I glower, brush her off, or walk away, she’s always there. A cruel reminder of what could have been.

Of what may never be.

She might be the light to my darkness. The woman I still love. But none of that matters.

Because she’s not staying and I can’t leave.

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