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Hey Romance Readers!

You might be wondering, "Who is this lady?"

The Short Version:

Romance Author.  Mom.  Wife.  Overthinker.

The Long Version:

Amy Alves_edited.jpg

I am an avid reader of romance, fantasy, and science fiction.
Fine... it's mostly romance, but I sprinkle in other genres now and then.

Some of my favorite things include my alpharoll hubby, two crazy cute kids, messy buns, leggings, sushi, wine, and fuzzy socks.

What else? Honestly, nothing super thrilling, but I enjoy celebrating the things that make me different, so here you go: I have a twin sister, whom you may see pop up on my social media occasionally, I'm half Portuguese, I teach high school science, and (most importantly), I loathe laundry. As in I'm truly atrocious at completing this task. Procrastinating throwing in another load may have been why I started writing.


I've always wanted to write and knew it had to be romance novels. I get to write the stories my heart craves... and that's pretty damn amazing. 

My books all have heat, heart, witty banter, some laughs, and that happily-ever-after we crave.

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