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  • Amy Alves

The Experiment Release Day

While it's true that I spent my release day doing school drops offs/pick ups and buying myself a celebratory lunch comprising a hot dog and poutine at Costco, I wouldn't have changed a single thing. That poutine was outstanding, and the kids were so sweetly excited that 'Mommy's book is all over the world'.

They actually asked to read it, so I quickly put it on the top shelf of our bookcase. They wouldn't have actually been able to read it as they're quite young, but... still. Just in case.

Then there was the outpouring of love and excitement from my ARC readers, friends, and followers. I am so grateful! What an amazing community. Thank you!

Below are some quotes from some readers who received either an ARC or a free copy from my pre-release giveaway. (want to receive an ARC for the upcoming books in the Landry Love Series? CLICK HERE!)


"This story stole my heart 💖 From the beginning the story pulls you in and has you laughing." —RomanceReader1

"Am I allowed to give 6 stars? Is that a thing? Cause it needs to be! —BookLove_with_Renee

"It was full of laughs and steam. They have insane amounts of chemistry from the start. Their story is sweet and you can’t help but fall in love from the start." —Book Addict Reviews

"What do you get when you mix one socially awkward girl in need of a relationship coach and one jaded guy who has written off all romantic relationships? One hilarious and steamy romance!" —Sara Toerner

"Amy Alves delivered a story with so much heart, soul, love and funnies..." —Anna Reads Here



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