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  • Amy Alves

The Experiment—FREE BOOK!

As a special celebratory surprise during release week, I have made Book 1 of the Landry Love Series, THE EXPERIMENT available FREE for a limited time (until April 25th).

Download The Experiment Now so you are ready for Lauren and Taylor's book, which released today!!!

I can't wait to see your thoughts and reviews on here once you finish reading Emma and Jess's story.

BLURB: Emma embraces small-town life after leaving her old life and baggage behind. Embodying the social skills of a pineapple and coping mechanisms that veer toward avoidance, the start of her new life journey is bumpy. Determined to have the life she's always secretly desired, Emma sets her sights on self-improvement, fulfillment... and her hot neighbor. Delving into the dating world with a history lacking in emotional connections, how does a woman who has never had a boyfriend gain relationship experience? Maybe the answer is right next door.

Jess just wants his family to stop trying to change the way he lives his life. They don’t know why he no longer commits, why feeling that spark of something real makes him run the other way. He can’t trust his heart, so it’s best to ignore it. Until his quirky neighbor proposes an experiment. He’ll be her dating coach, and she’ll be his fake girlfriend. When that spark appears, it’s only a matter of time before their whole experiment explodes.

To check out the reviews go to Goodreads! Then Add The Experiment to your TBR!



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