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THE DENIAL GAME — New Release Announcement!

First — A Previous Release Summary

The reviews for The Experiment (Landry Love Series #1) had me doing happy dances and then re-checking Goodreads/Amazon/ BookBub to make sure I was reading correctly. So, thank you so much for those of you who gave this new indie author a chance! There were so many reviewers, bookstagrammers, and other book lovers and readers who reached out, left a review, and signed up for my newsletter. Thank you!!

The Landry Love Series books are all able to be read as standalones, but for sneak peeks into characters you'll see throughout the series, I recommend reading them in order. So, if you haven't already, read The Experiment, read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, or buy the ebook on Amazon.

On to the NEWS!!!


A friends to lovers, small-town, slow burn romance.

BLURB: Taylor

Ten years ago, youthful indiscretions and the traumatic consequences had Taylor returning to his hometown of Landry on the path to redemption. Meeting Landry High’s gorgeous and sassy new teacher makes him realize he’s put his personal life on hold for long enough.

He soon discovers that the woman piquing his curiosity and reigniting his desires has no interest in dating him. He can be her friend, co-worker, and the stealer of her classroom supplies, but not her boyfriend.

Are his feelings truly unrequited or is there more to her refusal to date?


When one last attempt at mending the contemptuous relationship with her family epically fails, Lauren reevaluates her goals. Emboldened by circumstance, she moves away, washing her hands of her wealthy, narcissistic parents and her dickhead boyfriend.

Lauren implements a self-imposed dating ban and focuses on quietly rebuilding her life. When she befriends the local high school football coach, who is also her charmingly attractive co-worker, the reason behind her celibacy stance becomes harder to recall.

What if taking a chance with Taylor means bringing her family’s wrath down upon him?

Pre-Order The Denial Game on Amazon now. Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited on APRIL 22, 2021!

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