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  • Amy Alves


It is release day for Lauren and Taylor's book, The Denial Game!

The Denial Game is a steamy, friends-to-lovers, small-town, workplace romance. It’s a fun read filled with banter, intrigue, laughter, and undeniable chemistry.

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The only woman he's wanted in years is on a man-hiatus. He's being friend-zoned and she won't tell him why.


Ten years ago, the consequences of youthful indiscretions and crushed NFL dreams had me returning to my hometown of Landry on the path to redemption.

Despite my past, I've become a pillar in the community, a mentor for my students and football team, and a beloved member of this town. Well, for everyone except Landry High’s gorgeous, sassy new English teacher.

Lauren is quick to inform me that I can be her friend, co-worker, and stealer of her classroom supplies, but I can’t be her boyfriend. I'm not wanting to settle for being just friends when I've waited so long to find someone who makes me feel worthy again.

Are my feelings truly unrequited or is something else holding her back?


After one last attempt at mending the relationship with my family epically fails, I wash my hands of my obnoxiously wealthy, narcissistic parents and my dickhead ex-boyfriend. It's time for a fresh start at the life I want instead of the one that was expected of me.

A self-imposed dating ban kick-starts my new life in small-town Landry. When I meet Landry's High's ruggedly handsome football coach who also happens to be my behemoth of a coworker, I'm left cursing my circumstances. The reason behind my celibacy stance becomes harder to recall.

What if taking a chance with Taylor means bringing him into the destructive path of my manipulative family?

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